Why Is Email Attachment Not Showing In Outlook 2010?

There are times when you puzzle to see why Outlook attachments are not showing up. The mail receives with attached files. Although attachments are visible with file size indication, the documents not shown up in Outlook 2010 application.  Error in fetching important attachments could seem to be a headache to many. As this kind of situation occurs randomly, there could be some doubts about what caused this problem and to to get back vital files attached in mail what one needs to do. This post will help you to know the reason and secure ways to resolve the problem in Outlook 2010 profile.

Causes: Even though it is quite difficult to determine root cause for email attachment not showing up in Outlook 2010 email; there are certain issues behind it. There could be something wrong with configuration settings, OS or application updates, improper content type, hidden inline attachment, Exchange server validation problems and other unknown errors.

Heading towards solution: Initial approach is to request the sender to re-send the attachments. Nevertheless, this does not imply for all user. At that point, try some fix procedures detailed below:

Note:  One can also try to view for the Outlook attachments in OWA (Outlook Web Access).

Method 1: Adding entry

  • Terminate the Transport Exchange Service
  • look for the file – “exe.config” by navigating through the following path: \Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange Server\Bin\
  • add an entry:<add key=”TreatInlineDispositionAsAttachment” value=”true” /> between the element ->
  • <appSettings> element and the </appSettings>
  • Continue to restart the Transport Service

Method 2: Changing the content-type from Multipart/related to Multipart/mixed

  • Create a Transport rule
  • Launch Exchange Management Console
  • Under Organization Configuration click on Hub Transport
  • Select New Transport Rule on action pane and specify a name
  • Highlight the option – “when the message header matches text patterns
  • Click on “message header” and type “Content-type”->Ok
  • Click on “Text patterns” and type “Multipart/related” then Add-> Ok-> Next
  • Select “set header with value” field – select “header” and type “Content-type” –Ok
  • Go to “value” and type “Multipart/mixed” ->Ok->Next
  • Click on Next button on “Exceptions page
  • In Create Rule page go ahead with New-> Finish button

Method 3:  Yodot Outlook PST Repair program

  • Download and install the Yodot Repair program on your Windows PC with a click over here
  • Set up the program as instructed
  • Pick an option among Open PST, Find PST and Select Outlook Profile options
  • Mark the Outlook file whose attachment is not showing up
  • Opt a scan method and wait for tool to complete repair
  • Save the retrieved email attachment in a secure location

 There are several other possibilities where MS Outlook faces major threats like damaged OST/PST files, Outlook corruptions, missing calendars, notes, sent items, tasks etc. All these issues are well addressed by this software.

Some additional features of PST repair application

It is remarkably a great tool for retrieving Outlook elements in a safest possible way.  When PST data has severely damaged, the program recreates a new PST file without modifying the source contents. Yodot tool features an Outlook styled preview after recovering the source PST. The application appears to be very handy for any individual. It fits to work well on all Microsoft Outlook Versions i.e., Outlook 2000/2003/2007/2013/2016 versions. Yodot also provides technical assistance for 24/7. Furthermore, the repair tool flexibly runs on all latest Windows operating System versions.