How to fix “Windows was Unable to Complete the Format” Error on Pen Drive?

“Hello all! all of sudden my 16GB Pen drive turned RAW and I tried to format it. But I could not finish up the process as there was continuous error pops up telling “Windows was unable to complete the format”. I don’t even have a backup of data stored up in USB drive. I seriously look forward to get back all the vital files before I could lose them. Somebody please suggest me a way to do this. Help me!”

It’s quite common among users to encounter such error reports due to faulty USB drive or device RAW turned. Do not worry, this article will help you find solution to regain your data.

May I know the reasons that cause such error messages?

  • Presence of Bad sectors

Bad sectors are damaged ones that makes read/write operation very difficult. Also it will disturb formatting and recovery of data processes.

  • When Pen drive is write-protected

Write- protection mode restricts data writing operation, so this option should be disabled before performing a format.

  • Invasion of Virus

Since USB drive is portable and can be prone to data transfer from different systems. It can be infected by high severe virus whenever they are connected to an insecure device.

  • Incompatibility issue

If the USB drive is not compatible with Windows Operating system version or any other device drivers, then there arises complications

So, at this moment you might be thinking how to fix “Windows was unable to complete the format” pen drive error?

Well, here are some ways to safeguard your data from error creating Flash drives-

  1. With Disk Management utility
  • Right click on “My Computer”
  • Click on “Manage”
  • Hit on “Disk management”
  • Select USB drive
  • And finally right click on “Format”
  1. Using command prompt
  • Open and run command Window by typing cmd
  • Select disk that you wish to format
  • Create partition primary and type “format x:/fs:ntfs” (x is disk letter)

Upon checking out the above methods, the issue need to be solved. If problem still persists then go with next method to completely retrieve your data from Pen dive that is unable to format.

  1. Using a recovery software to regain files and data
  • Connect Pen drive with Windows PC
  • Visit here and download Yodot Photo Recovery tool
  • Run it after installing it and follow the instructions provided
  • Choose either “Lost Photo Recovery” or “Deleted Photo Recovery” options
  • Select the drive that holds Pen drive
  • Use “Data View” or “File Type View” options to mark desired files after scanning is done
  • “Preview” restored images to confirm
  • Save retrieved data onto destination location

About Yodot Photo Recovery application

This tool is built with advanced scanning technology that scans every sector of Pen drives that are unable to format. Media files supported by this utility are audio, video, pictures and also MS Office files. The software not just restores Pen drives but also Hard drive, Memory Stick, CF card, SD cards and other devices. The Windows versions supported by Yodot are Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.