Bring back your Lost Photos and Videos in a Secure Way

Photos and Videos helps us to refresh some past memories. What if those photos and videos are found disappearing from your device? Just have a look on one such situation:

“Hello! I lost all my trip videos and pictures while copying it from phone to laptop. I thought of getting a backup of those files before formatting my SD card. Thinking that file transfer was completed, I pulled the USB cable from laptop that initiated a mess. When I tried to access some of photos, I was not able to open them up. I need a means to restore them back, can anyone suggest me a way to handle this issue? Please help!”

Worried about next move? Just relax and find effective solution to get back those lost photos and videos by going through this piece of editorial.

First know some of the causes for losing photos and videos files from your device-

Accidentally deleting files –

Human errors such as accidental deletion of files using Del and Shift + Del Key may result in losing those files temporarily or permanently

Improper ejection of device-

When coping and pasting media files from any devices onto computer, ejecting it suddenly will result in file loss situations

Unintentional formatting of storage device that holds media files-

This will eventually result in wiping the entire data making the OS file system a newer one.

Using cameras to capture photo or video when battery is extremely low-

In spite of receiving warning indications that battery is running low, and your still using same camera to capture video or photo then there is chance of files getting unsaved, abruptly resulting in loss.

If you find yourself trapped in any of such complicated situations, you can get back your lost photos and videos in an intact way using Recovery software that works instantaneously.

Reliably regain lost photos and videos using Yodot Photo Recovery tool:

Its built-in algorithm helps to recover media files with a quick scan thus saving time. The package comes with an option “RAW search” that effectively retrieves files based on their unique signature code. This tool helps to recover files without altering any of its original content. Yodot tool helps to restore various media file formats such as JPG, JPEG, PNG, GIF, AVI, AVS, MP4, MP3 and many more. It supports Windows OS with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008.

Guidelines to implement this application:

Step 1: Scroll here to download Yodot Photo Recovery tool, after installing and run the program, select “Lost Photo Recovery” option on main screen.

Step 2: Select photo and video files that needs restoration, if everything is lost then choose “select all” as default and wait for scanning process to take place.

Step 3: Cross check extracted photos and videos using “Data View” or “File Type View” options and after reconfirming using Preview option, save those files onto destination location. Avoid saving them on source drive that might permanently result in losing that files.